Anesthesia in the dog: how it works and how to behave

The general anesthesia applied in veterinary medicine to your dog is different from that applied in human medicine, given that it is performed not only to allow for surgery, but also to cope with all the conditions in which your dog will have to To remain perfectly motionless, such as long and annoying visits or special procedures such as detartrate or dental cleaning. Anesthesia in the dog: all types to knowAs happens in your medicine, even in a veterinarian there are differences between injecting anesthesia and inhaled anesthesia, so it is good that you know what your dog will meet in case of interventions or other procedures. Injecting anesthesia consists of the administration of substances via the vein or intramuscularly.Inhaled anesthesia involves the use of a facial mask or a tube located in your dog's trachea: anesthetic gas and oxygen will be emitted from this object. It will be up to your veterinarian to decide which type of anesthesia to use, depending on the type of operat…

Greyhound collars: saluki, afghano, english and italian

If you have a greyhound in your home, you know that it's not a dog anyway. It's part of the "sighted hunters" family and is called an aristocratic dog for the elegance of its body: medium to large, so thin it looks like Denuded while you may spend a lot of money in giving him the food the most suitable foods to him.Not to mention the head, long and thin. Greyhound therefore, unlike other dogs, is a breed of the very special neck constitution, so you can not buy any collar at all but you have to purchase a special item for him. There are several sub-categories of greyhounds, also known to understand which accessories are best suited to your greyhound.Following are the most well-known and diffused: If your dog is a greyhound saluki also known as Persian Greyhound, the typical Middle Eastern origins of this type will surely have the elongated and skinny head.The skull will never be rounded and fairly wide.The neck is very robust, strong, elongated and slender;Afghan greyho…

Dog collars of large size

Choosing the right collar for your big dog is not that simple, given the variety of collar models that are on sale in the market. First of all, you should think of getting a quality product made of good and durable materials, because the collar should not be made up of materials that can cause Fido's skin health problems. But they do not even have to be products that can break easily, if you walk around the dog, you have to be sure that the collar does not break or open allowing the dog to escape, because if it happens in the street can be very dangerous. There are collars for dogs of all colors and fantasies, there are really many brands of dog collars on the market and you can really indulge in choosing the right one.With regard to dog collars prices, there are all bands, from the cheapest to the more expensive and signed. The attention to the choice of collar is more important if we are talking about a dog of great strain, in fact in this case there are requirements and features th…

GPS locator for dogs (or collars): how it works and prices

Loving your pets means also making sure they do not get lost, even if we never lose sight of them, it may happen to lose them. Smashing your paw friend is probably one of your biggest anguish.Do not be afraid, fortunately technology is on your side! Technology, in fact, provides valuable media, with which you will always know the exact position of your little hairy friend.GPS to find the dog will become a tool you can not do without it. Dog GPS: How it worksThe dog GPS locator develops the same principle as a normal locator: the dog's position is provided by the GPS to the cellphone or PC through a precise localization.Through the GPS microchip for dogs you will get the exact location of your dog at all times. The GPS for dogs can be used on any technology support, in fact there are marketers suitable for any type of mobile phone, such as GPS for Android dogs or GPS for Apple dogs.
So you just need to install a special App, which you will easily find on your mobile phone.So you can alw…

Hunting dogs collars: features and price

Hunting dogs collars: features and priceIf you are a wild boar hunter and you have a hunting dog, you know that for the activity it does, it needs a special collar that fully responds to your needs. Since your dog must freely run freely between trees with protruding branches and shrubs, it is not necessary to be bound by a traditional collar with the risk of getting caught, risking being hurt and thus becoming a danger to his health more than A useful object. Previously, collars were not used for hunting dogs, but this involved other types of risks such as the possibility of getting lost in lost places without any recognition symbol. Today, however, collars have been specially designed for hunting dogs: durable products but with an elastic part so as to avoid damaging your hairy friend. The collar must in fact be well adherent to the neck but not excessively tight.In this way, in the unlucky case your dog may be entangled, it can easily pull out the collar and continue its activity. A good…